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Why a foam roller?

People use foam rollers for a variety of reasons including rehabbing injuries, loosening up before workouts, improving flexibility, and increasing blood flow.  While stretching can be a great way to gain flexibility, it can only get you part way there.  Foam rolling helps with myofascial release, which breaks up overly tense and adhering connective tissue in our body.  When our tissues glide smoother, we can improve a stretch or activity as well as relieve tension from our joints. 
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Why a water bottle foam roller?

We work out with water bottles.  We work out with foam rollers.  Bringing both everywhere can be a hassle, so we combined the two.  It’s that simple.  So whether you roll out before yoga, a run, or a hockey game, our water bottle sleeve will get your muscles loosened up and ready to go.  And for when you're not working out, take it anywhere you want and it keeps your drink cool and refreshing, it’s the athletes’ Koozie.

Travel Friendly

For when your not working out, take it anywhere you want and it keeps your drink cool and refreshing, it’s the athletes’ Koozie.


Reminder To Roll

Many people own foam rollers, but don't use them nearly as often as they should. We believe that if your foam roller comes with you to all your workouts, you will use it more often. When you use your foam roller more often you will perform better and stay injury free.

You're in good company...

When your traveling and on the go constantly like all coaches and athletes are, you need things to help increase your efficiency and work. Bottlebark is a product that is very simple but very effective in helping us be better, more durable athletes.  You will be hard pressed to find an athlete that does not need self massage, increased range of motion and some deep tissue work to aide in recovery and prevent injury.  Bottlebark helps us meet that need.


innovative yet simple, definitely one of the most convenient fitness products out there!

Jeremy Bloom

great fitness tool for all ages and levels of athletes… the wide mouth version for ice cubes in hot weather training


My on-the-go lifestyle always has me looking for spare room in my suitcase. Having to pack a water bottle plus a foam roller can take up valuable space. How awesome that Bottlebark now offers a convenient two-in-one solution!?


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